John Eiff, Airport Manager

We're Changing Runways!

Beverly Lewis, Administrative Assistant II

Runway 5/23 at the DeLand Airport will be closed effective 7:00am local time Wednesday, September 24th for two to three weeks.

Runway 12/30 will be in operation during this time.

Caution: Men and equipment will be working in the “ Runway Safety Area” of Runway 30. Do not make a low approach to Runway 30, plan to land long and exit on taxiway “B”.

Taxiways “A” and “E” at east of ramp will be closed. Taxing on closed Runway 5/23 is permitted to access runway 12/30.

This is to allow construction crews to complete Runway 12/30 new parallel taxiway across Runway 5/23 and Taxiway “A”.