Green Building Information

Green Buildings and homes are cropping up on Mainstreets across the country, boosting the quality of life for all. A green home or business incorporates smart design, technology, construction and maintenance elements to significantly lessen the impact of the home/business on the environment and improve the health of the people who live or work inside.

Living Green

Having a home that contributes to a healthy environment is important, but a home is only as green as the people who live in it. In and out of the home, there is a lot you can do to help protect the world's air water, land, wildlife and climate.

Volusia County Recycling

Leave Your Car Behind

Conserve Water

Use it wisely- National website with news, tips and information on water conservation.

St. Johns River Water Management District

Buy Locally & Support Local Green Businesses

Learn more about businesses in DeLand making sustainability a priority.

View the Green Building Presentation (PDF).