Purchasing / Bids

Mission Statement

Assist departments in gathering pricing information.

  • The City of DeLand does not have a centralized purchasing system. Each department is responsible for making their own purchases while remaining within purchasing guidelines set forth by the City Commission and/or the State or Federal government.
  • There is no vendor application required to do business with the City of DeLand. Any interested vendor may mail a letter of introduction to the department that might use their goods and/or services to 120 South Florida Avenue, DeLand, FL 32720-5422. This will provide the department with resource information for use in the future when gathering quotes for purchase of goods and/or services.

Process purchase orders.

  • Purchase Orders are issued prior to purchasing goods and/or services in the amount of $5,000 to $34,999.99 based upon three quotes gathered by the department. Purchases in an amount less than $5,000 do not require a purchase order be issued prior to making the purchase.

Assist departments in preparation of bid specifications.

  • Formal sealed bids are received for purchases of goods and/or services anticipated to cost $35,000 or more. Bid advertisements are published in the Daytona Beach News Journal and/or the West Volusia Beacon for two consecutive weeks, and a listing of all open bids can be obtained at DemandStar.

Receive and tabulate bids.

  • Bid tabulations are uploaded to DemandStar no later than five business days following the bid opening.

Local Vendor Preference

The City of DeLand has adopted Local Vendor Preference Ordinance Number 2012-10 whereby the lowest bid is submitted by a vendor which is not a Local business, and the second lowest bid is submitted by a Local business and is within five % (5%) of the lowest bid, then the Local business submitting the second lowest bid and the vendor submitting the lowest bid shall each have the opportunity to submit, within five working days of the bid opening, a best and final bid equal to or lower than the amount of the lowest bid. The contract shall be awarded to the vendor submitting the lowest final bid. In the case of a tie between a Local business and a vendor which is not a Local business, the contract shall be awarded to the Local business. Local business means a person or business entity duly licensed and authorized to engage in the particular business at issue that maintains a permanent physical place of business in Volusia County, Florida, and which has held a valid local business tax receipt for that place of business for a minimum of six months prior to the date of submittal of the bid to which this Ordinance is being applied.

Submit notarized "Certification Affidavit by Contractor as Local Business" and proof of local business in the form of a business tax receipt from a local jurisdiction. Failure to PROVIDE THE VERIFICATION WILL RESULT IN A LOCAL BUSINESS BEING INELIGIBLE FOR A LOCAL PREFERENCE.

A vendor which is granted a preference which results in the award of a contract shall be required to post job openings related to the contract with the Center for Business Excellence, 1382 South Woodland Boulevard, DeLand, FL 386-740-3232. Verification receipt of job posting must be provided to the Finance Director within ten days after the job advertisement has been released.

Exemptions to the Local Vendor Preference Ordinance include (1) Purchasing funded, in whole or in part, by an entity prohibiting application of the preference provided by this ordinance by grant agreement, contract or applicable federal, state, or local law; (2) Items purchased on state contracts, "piggybacked" contracts, sole source purchases, or other purchases which are not accomplished by competitive bids; (3) Emergency purchasing.