Mural Program

DeLand mural By Courtney Canova


Murals have been an important part of the culture and arts of DeLand since the early 1990's. The Mainstreet DeLand Association established the DeLand Mural committee around 1994. Their Vision was to take people on an historical stroll "a Mural Walk" that would unfold along our streets like the pages of a giant book. The first mural was painted on the Wells Building (The old Half Times Building) at 145 North Woodland Boulevard by the artist Perigo. It was completed in December of 1996.

"Pioneers at the Parce Land" depicts the Parce Land Hotel during the 1880's. The mural was designed from an 1890 photograph. In it, travelers wait at the train depot to take a ride to Cabbage Bluff for their steamship ride back north.