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The Rivertown Brick MuralThe Rivertown Brick Mural

As part of the city's celebration of its 125th anniversary and the corresponding presentation of the new City Hall to the public, a trio of DeLand area artists were commissioned by a citizen's committee to create large-scale permanent works for the entryway and first floor lobby.

John Wilton, John Wolfe and Harry Messersmith all live in the DeLand area and have had art studios and galleries in downtown DeLand. Well known in the central Florida arts community, these three combined their talents and resources to create three stunning pieces of public art.

For the south entryway to the lobby, the artists created The Rivertown Brick Mural, depicting a family on the banks of the St. Johns River, two important features of DeLand's character. They worked closely with the construction team, employing the same bricks that were used throughout the exterior, placing them in patterns and at varying depths to create the scene. It was designed and partially assembled at Messersmith's studio near the DeLand airport, then transported to the construction site for placement on the wall, brick by brick.