Interested in Annexing?

There are many services the City of DeLand provides that are at a high level of efficiency that should provide potential residents a great deal of security.

The City provides:

  • Fire protection and rescue service, and maintains full-time professional firefighters / Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)
  • Police protection
  • Potable water for both safe drinking and fire protection
  • Wastewater system for sewer service for residents and businesses
  • Residential street lights
  • Responsive elected officials and City employees

In order to annex, you must be contiguous to the City limit.

Sometimes two or more property owners join together in an annexation request.  

If you are not currently adjacent to the City limit, you may complete a Covenant to Support Annexation that would cause the property to be annexed automatically once the property borders the City limit. The advantage to this would be to avoid any increases in annexation fees that may occur in the future.

For more information, please contact the Land Development Manager or request a Pre-Application Meeting (see note) on Citizen Portal.

Note: Register for an account under New Users (click here for instructions). Choose the Planning tab, then select Record Type. Complete the request. Note: When entering the address for Step 1, enter the parcel number first, and when found, enter a street number (or 0 if no street number) and street name. Once the request is received in the system, the Land Development Manager will contact you to set up an available date and time.